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About me?....

I'm an artist...mother of three...and recieved a BFA degree from Western Carolina University...back when soda cost a nickel!

I have always loved to paint, draw and make things. Sometimes to my parents horror if they found me painting all over the walls of my room...or the creepy dolls I had hung from the ceiling by their necks! It wasn't Voodoo...it was just easier to hang them that way!

I consider myself an illustrator and love for my paintings to tell a story or capture a moment undefinable by the image alone.

Sometimes it is more important what you feel than what you see.

Do I exhibit my art?

Yes...I have many shows and exhibitions in and around the Charlotte area. Some artists list these dates and times on their websites...but I have never kept track of it...sorry

I will start posting any upcoming exhibitions on my home page.

Do I sell my art?

Yes...you can purchase paintings I have available or hire me

Find out which art I have available... by visiting my etsy shop.
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Where do I see myself in 10 years?

I plan to work more in illustration and animation. My artwork is moving towards mixed mediums and combining ink and paint. Using black lines to shape and create depth and experimenting with new techniques.

I am also planning to write and illustrate stories using my artwork. This is a new venture for me...but I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Continue to check back for new stories and animations, and bookmark my page!