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Artist for hire...

Yes...you can hire/commission me to do a painting or illustration.
I can paint whatever you need, in any size or medium and turn around is quick...usually within a week.

I paint portraits, specific depicted scenes, pets, illustrations and special memories.

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How does it work?

First decide on what you are looking for...

Ask Yourself... Is this a gift for a friend? or a family portrait? or a painting of a loved one? Is there something specific you are looking for and can't find?...

Think...about what kind of a painting you want and then tell me about your ideas.

We will discuss size options and framing options. I work in oils, acrylics, watercolor, tempera, pastels...and if you are not familiar with these...don't worry I will step you through the process! You just need to describe to me your ideas and I will take care of the rest !

The whole process takes about a week...and your painting will be shipped directly to you...straight from the artist's studio.

To see samples of my artwork and style...

Visit my art gallery page.

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Find out which art I have available... by visiting my etsy shop.
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