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    Tragic Within Reason

I believe you direct your own life…so why am I'm stuck in a tragedy? If I am directing this film…I want a comedy. Not one that isn't funny without a storyline…but a good comedy. The kind you laugh out loud with and relate to and watch a few times each year. That is the one…that is the life I want to be directing.

Life just comes at you strong sometimes. In ways you would never suspect…then everything changes. It happens when we transition from childhood to adults…again as we learn to be adults…again if you decide to have children…again when those children grow up…and again. Life is full of these transitions from one point in time to the next.

This point in time is like a tragedy. It's like waking up and your car won't start…the cat dies…your neighbor's tree falls on your house…and it's a teacher's work day! Actually… that doesn't sound too bad…it's almost funny…so why aren't I laughing?

Maybe I'm just looking at everything from the wrong point of view. Instead of trying to make this scene work…just look at it from a different angle? Finding humor in life's tragedies? Bad things happen. Sometimes in threes and fours…it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

I just need to change this scene from a tragedy to a comedy. Maybe the cat doesn't die…maybe he just needs to wear an awkward cast on his front leg, that makes you laugh every time he enters the room?

Maybe I need to change my way of thinking.


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